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Caring For The Clipper: 25 Years In Muskegon!

This is the official page for the Caring for the Clipper organization. The Clipper has been in Muskegon for 25 years since our return in 1997. We are trying to raise $100,000 from individual or business donations over the year of 2022, check out the presentation below for more details. The presentation has special effects, so make sure to go into presentation mode. And thank you for supporting the Clipper!

ATTENTION: We have a special announcement! We are announcing today, beginning now through the end of the year, all donations will be matched! We have an anonymous supporter who will be matching donations up to $100,000.  If you choose to make a difference and donate as either a business or individual, you can obtain special gifts! Please consider donating today, and thanks for your support. All contributions are tax-exempt and tax-deductible.



Donation Files and Forms

Individual Donations

Corporate Donations

Item Donations

Payment Information

Either send the paperwork to us at PO Box 1370 Muskegon, Michigan 49443 or use the paypal below. Please make checks out to Milwaukee Clipper.

Want to donate online? Use PayPal!