Welcome to the Milwaukee Clipper website! We are thrilled to share that we have been hard at work this year, giving our beloved “old girl” a fresh new look. Painting and maintaining the ship is an ongoing endeavor, and we are committed to preserving its historic beauty. We understand that painting can be a never-ending chore, but with your support, we can continue the restoration efforts of this iconic vessel. By making a donation to our paint fund, you will directly contribute to the revitalization of the Milwaukee Clipper. Together, we can ensure that this magnificent piece of maritime history shines brightly for generations to come. Thank you for your generosity and dedication to preserving the legacy of the Milwaukee Clipper.

Photo Credit: Tony Driza

To donate:

The cost of one gallon of paint is $55. Simply donate below or, you can also mail us a check at P.O. Box 1370 Muskegon Michigan 49441. Thank you for your generosity.