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S.S. Milwaukee Clipper Preservation Association

We are a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization that is funded by tax-deductible gifts from individuals, grants, and businesses. We are governed by a board of community leaders. We took over the care of the Milwaukee Clipper in late 1997.

The S.S. Milwaukee Clipper Preservation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1370
Muskegon, Michigan 49443


Board Executive Committee

Dennis Kirksey  –  President – dennis@milwaukeeclipper.com

Jim Plant  –  Vice President – jim@milwaukeeclipper.com

Pam Babbitt  –  Treasurer – pam@milwaukeeclipper.com

Terry Judd  –  Secretary – terry@milwaukeeclipper.com

Board Members

Gene Fethke – gene@milwaukeeclipper.com

Tim Fitzsimmons – tim@milwaukeeclipper.com

Tom Sanocki – tom@milwaukeeclipper.com

Ray Hilt – ray@milwaukeeclipper.com

Capt. Bob Priefer – captbob@milwaukeeclipper.com

Bob Schalow – bob@milwaukeeclipper.com

Dick Miller – dick@milwaukeeclipper.com

Board Advisors

Brock Johnson – brock@milwaukeeclipper.com

Mike Krivitzky – mike@milwaukeeclipper.com

Other Positions

Dave Durkee – Webmaster – dave@milwaukeeclipper.com

Brock Johnson – Webmaster – brock@milwaukeeclipper.com

Sandy Ferski – Great Lakes Clipper Connection Publisher – sandy@milwaukeeclipper.com